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Registered by the Care Quality Commission No. 1-1-1725434

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  115 High Road


Essex IG10 4HJ

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8508 7741

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Preventing Heart Attacks & Strokes since 1973


For 20 years we have been testing apparently normal people for coronary and other types of heart disease; the most common of which relates to high blood pressure and blood pressure control.

The fact is that high blood pressure, that leads to strokes (cerebro-vascular accident), and the 'furring' of arteries (atherosclerosis) that leads to angina, heart attacks, dementia, and some strokes, together account for 50% of middle-age deaths in the western world.

We have pioneered the introduction of ultrasound, artery screening, in order to detect this process really early - before it leads to angina and heart attacks. It is not always associated with a raised blood cholesterol; or, may be absent in those with a raised blood cholesterol.

Such screening is especially indicated if heart disease is in your family. Much can be done to avoid the consequences, once you know you have it.

We have been registered with the Health Care Commission since 2004.

Call us on 020 8508 7741 or e-mail daviddighton@loughtonclinic.org